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Leather belt with handcuffs


Leather belt with handcuffs is an element of a fetish. This accessory is simply necessary during role-playing games to reach a peak in sexual pleasures. Games with using of set for fixing hands and legs...

Set #1

$115.00 $140.00

Set #1

$115.00 $140.00

Set of cat mask, choker and HANDCUFFS V. 2 - the feeling of a strong erotic attraction.  With choker and handcuffs, you will discover new sensations, using a variety of images in role-playing games. Learn...

Set of accessories "Sweet Kitty"


Set of cat mask and choker v.1 Dr. HarnessHandmade Material: genuine leatherHardware: metalAvailable in black and red colors All pieces are hand-forged individually by Dr. Harness. The leather he uses is locally sourced and hand selected to...

Leather choker v.1


Leather choker v.1 - an amazing accessory for conquering men's hearts. To learn how to feel your body, to guess the mood of a man, to gracefully indulge his weaknesses, you should not forget about the...

Leather handcuffs


Leather handcuffs are an element of a fetish that stimulates desire and brings excitement. In order for a man to have the opportunity to feel dominant, put on leather handcuffs. You will be able to satisfy...